New items coming in 2016!

With the new year comes new stuff to offer to our customers…..

Finks Garage is in the works to bring these great Dodge Trucks back to market!


Charlie Rowley mastered the single cab and Finksgarage mastered the crew cab using his single cab as a base. Tom Coolidge did the original molds and castings. Finksgarage has the approval to cast what we can from the original molds and carry on the production of these great truck kits!

We plan to pour what we can out of the old molds to see what the market is for these trucks. We will list these as auction style to let the public bid on them on our eBay page. If enough demand is shown we will make NEW molds and re-re-release these in the summer of 2016. Please understand that these will be VERY LIMITED in production and if you want one, you better bid on it while they are listed. Click HERE to go to our eBay listings. (Updated 4/4/2016)


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