Items For Sale

Below are some of the items we cast. Some items may be shown painted or displayed on a model to demonstrate how they will look when used. Please understand your item will come in raw resin, need to be cleaned and have light “flash” removed and may have a small pin hole or two that will need to be filled before priming and painted and detailed by you to go on your project.

All items listed on our eBay store are poured and ready to ship. Click HERE to go to our eBay listing.

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Bugburban – Custom VW SUV – fits Revell and Tamiya VW kits. (shown built using Tamiya kit for reference only.) Mastered by Finks Garage.

Our newest offering was mastered by Dave Carnevale.
This VW Kombi represents a 1964 thru 1967 VW. Fits the Hasegawa kit and the one piece VW Van body kits by Revell (Not the multi piece Revell kits)


Sprint Star Style Wheels –  better wheel lip added than what comes in the Revell kits. Mastered by Finks Garage.

 Jackman Style – Deep Dish rear rims set – Ribbed rear deep dish rim for Pro Mod or Off Road use.


VW Engine kit mastered by Empinut – comes with multiple carbs and intakes and modified air duct tins for the “racing look”.

This is one of our VW engine kits built and detailed with wires and dipstick by Empinut.

randarsRANDAR Style Wheels mastered by Finks Garage – Never before produced in this scale! (tires NOT included – used to show how they look in different tires)

radarsRadar Style Wheels mastered by Empinut – (no tires, just rims)

Porsche Cookie CuttersPorsche Cookie Cutter Style – (no tires, just rims)

deep centerlineDeep Dish Centerline Style rim mastered by Empinut .

Deep Dish Jackman style rim mastered by Empinut.

Shallow Centerline Style mastered by Empinut.

shallow jackmansShallow Jackman Style mastered by Empinut.

Empi 5 Spoke style rims mastered by Finks Garage.

Split Window dash